Omega first statue Pa complicated watches whether there had been looking forward to

Omega launched a shock a lot of people’s wrist watch – respect tyrants. Why is the impact of it? The first table is a unique constellation of models under the series, many of its design elements draw Constellation early stage of development in history, it is the middle of last century, so it is directly on the feelings, already people s heart. In addition, since a constellation of Manhattan, Constellation has been in a state of bland, but this constellation statue Pa let Constellation have a new hope, it seems to return to the origin of the constellation series. 2016 Pa statue series adds a new watch – Respect Pa calendar watch, it is the first watch with respect Pa complex functions, since 2015, only out of respect for the basic models Pa. Today, let’s take a look at this new statue Pa Calendar, what kind of style.

 Classic aftertaste

There are stories about the history of the constellation series, I think a lot more familiar than my friends list, so here is a brief look good. Constellation is one of the very successful series on the history of Omega, a bit like the Rolex of DD, is a relatively flagship product. Constellation series was born in 1952, the stage was when the mechanical watch industry booming rising stage, but also the post-war economic recovery, as a star in the constellation series marked, equipped with internal Observatory certification movement , becoming both the design and performance on, we are very excellent products, and quickly became popular.

Thereafter, the Omega Constellation appeared a lot of very high-level products, and iconic design, which has several elements, put on today has become a measure of whether you are a senior European fans remember standards, such as word flies, gossip face, happy Alice feet and so on. 1960 Omega great flavor, shining gold plate at that time must be very luxurious, certified chronometer bottom cover also embossed gold astronomical observatory. When the statue Pa series 2015, turned out to have these memories are slowly regain, representing a year of “pie pan” re-return, astronomical observatory relief design appeared on the back.

Respect Pa first calendar watch

When the statue Pa watches released, despite the introduction of a lot of different models, but only change the material or color, with only the function with calendar and non-calendar version version. We always knew, Omega watches will definitely launch more features, follow the previous Constellation watch style and positioning, and it is unlikely to be timed. So, I guess, we guess the phase of the moon , the day display should be the next step will be to add functionality. But I did not think that Omega will directly increase the calendar this feature.


Calendar ordinary calendar watch compared to its features is that you can size each year between January and automatic conversion, except February. That is when the last day of the 30th of September end date will automatically jump to No. 1 instead of 31. This feature eliminates the need to adjust some troubles day of the month, because the adjustment is not very frequently, so easy to overlook.

In addition, Omega interesting point is that the use of traditional month indicates that no window or open a separate sub tray, which is directly in the center of the dial adds a pointer to indicate the month. Benefits are clear and conspicuous defects led to dial scale intensive area.

Was controversial recess polished bezel

Another item statue Pa very representative, but also attracted a public criticism of the element, the groove is polished bezel, usually generally called grooved bezel. In just launched this grooved bezel led to a heated debate, most people think it suspected plagiarism Rolex, but as a century-old, internationally renowned system of watch brands , how could commit such a stupid mistake?

Grooved bezel is actually derived from the earliest structure waterproof case, when the water table has several styles, but their core ideas, are the subject of the table into the possession of a waterproof shell. Which is very famous Rolex Oyster case, Rolex grooved bezel is from the time of the waterproof lid shape. Because the waterproof housing is common at the time of tightening the seal housing, in order to facilitate the rotation of the outside lid have this non-slip flute. Omega also have used the earliest time, so this is actually not the polished grooves bezel Rolex exclusive design, but it uses longer has formed a deep-rooted influence. In addition to Omega, IWC initial water table also have this design, but use earlier than Rolex.

Further, since recess bezel sharp edges and corners, in daily wear, and often because bump or worn, causing the surface a lot of scratches or defects, so, in order to maintain long-lasting beautiful and exquisite bezel, Omega used hard metal tungsten carbide materials processing and production to make it more durable.

To attain certification coaxial Observatory

For a long time in the past years, has been using Omega COSC chronometer certification standards, that is COSC, which is currently the most popular of the movement quality certification system, it has been more than 40 years. However, with the upgrading of science and technology, watchmaking innovation, as well as more complex, more and more brand awareness to just the daily needs have COSC certification has been insufficient to reflect the product’s durability into account, and therefore the strength of the brand began strengthen quality control management. In 2014, Omega joint Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology, introduced a more stringent than COSC certification system – to attain Observatory certification, coaxial movement Omega Seamaster is to attain has coaxial Observatory certification, this certification disclosed in 2015 system 2016 product has certification for the market.

While this watch equipped with Omega 8922 self-winding movement, through METAS eight rigorous tests to ensure that the watch is not only accurate, but also able to withstand 15,000 gauss magnetic interference. This is its most special place, because movement with a magnetic material, so even under the premise of a transparent case back, it can still be very high magnetic properties. Meanwhile, Omega Plan 2019 and achieve OMEGA mechanical watches all magnetic, for the popularization of this real-life electronic equipment has brought great benefits of magnetic interference.

Summary: There is no doubt that the new statue Omega Speedmaster Omega calendar watch combines the latest technological achievements, even though it is hot after a while, seemed calm, but it may well be a very unique watch. Of course, from a personal point of view, it is still place for improvement, indicating the month and some are complicated, taking up more space on the dial.

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Bell & Ross has been on military history and values of passion. As the pursuit of excellence in the process, regardless of design or technology, aviation instrument tables have become a major source of inspiration for Bell & Ross, which is Bell & Ross watches to meet the pilots and professional watch instrument user functionality and ergonomic needs the reason why. The new the Vintage the BR Aéronavale watch with naval aviation officer uniforms for inspiration, a symbol of military excellence and tradition.

Rafale cockpit, a naval air force pilots in uniform, both practical and comfortable. In the official ceremony, the display changes in clothing military prestige. Blue reminiscent of the sea and golden badges, buttons and decorations convey beliefs sedate, noble and victory. Blue and gold combination also appears in the Vintage BR Aéronavale watch, the new watch decorated with all the symbols and patterns on navy uniforms.

Bell & Ross Vintage BR Aéronavale for the series adds two new models: chronograph (BR126) and the small three-pin watch (BR123). 43 mm polished stainless steel case retro chic, navy sun pattern dial with gold-plated hollow around the needle sharp contrast, clear, legible and clear. Vintage BR Aéronavale chronograph designed specifically for pilots to build the functionality and elegance in one. This watch is equipped with a blue anodized aluminum bezel decorated with 60-minute scale on the bezel, disk 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, each with a scroll pattern lap.

The watch should have curved sapphire crystal, highlighting the classic watch style and strong personality. Equipped with Swiss precision and reliability known for manufacturing self-winding movement , through the sapphire crystal case back, visible movement precision operation. Both watches have a matte blue calf leather strap (pale yellow stitching) or dark blue alligator bottom (blue stitching), and with a pin buckle.

Indelible plot Breguet 5177 re-appointed

I came into contact with the watch or 2009 something, then see someone with a piece of the nations soul is itch, then it began to bubble in the big bell table forums to learn. Actually came into contact with the IWC, the first one since the start of the limited-meter block of Portuguese count. After several years of discovery learning slowly watch the colorful world, the three asked, tourbillon, perpetual calendar dazzling variety of functions, but in the end after years of precipitation personal feeling sweep longer, more simple, more attractive, There is a saying that is simple and complex, with simple functions make complex processes can only reflect the true strength of a brand, and Breguet did! Contacting Breguet thing is 2013, when first saw 5177 was deeply fascinated, and perhaps this is the eye margin. Entering the same period just one bell sir’s ” watch confessed,” I remember writes that the high cost, the application of new materials (silicon) sweep, enamel dish, money lines money, welded lugs 5177, the invisible signature All souls Breguet master rolled into one. While the 5177 special master clock enamel surface thoroughly recommend for everyday use in the book table. 14 just beginning to travel there good contact channels getting goods directly. Swipe leave.
Love the table to start the last two years, today retransmission is to authenticate it, no good literary talent, there is no good lighting effects, HD remake phone look Tell me what you mouth mercy.

Streamline Time Art Louis Vuitton top jewelry ACTE V Series II – THE ESCAPE series jewelry watches

in Louis Vuitton ‘s top jewelry ACTE V Series II – THE ESCAPE series, ArtDeco aesthetic is no longer the protagonist, replaced ArtDeco decorative arts in the late rise of streamlined modern style (Streamline Moderne). Industrial designers abandoned the relatively complex moldings Art Deco period drew aerospace science and transatlantic steamship hull have outwardly extending horizontal line and arc shape. “In the form of visual beauty” will be a new direction in the future design direction of a critical. Smooth lines, a new extension of the curvature of the aesthetic visual experience.

Louis Vuitton top jewelry ACTE V Series II – THE ESCAPE series watch

And it is this style has become top jewelry ACTE V Series II – THE ESCAPE of the main design elements. I have a series of geometric symmetry full angular “V” in the evolution of the theme of the series II for smooth lines and the curvature extending in THE ESCAPE series of jewelry and wrist watch formed a new, varied, complex “V” shape in . Even in THE ESCAPE series jewelry watches, the same can find a distinctive style, streamline the full sense of “V” shape.

 Louis Vuitton top jewelry ACTE V Series II – THE ESCAPE watches

In The Escape series jewelry table, V-shaped complex, showing a variety of smooth curved design, showing a variety of abstract shapes, like water to create a Smart texture, and fan pattern pavilions.

 Louis Vuitton top jewelry ACTE V Series II – THE ESCAPE watches

Neatly arranged exquisite inlaid diamond bracelet watch of different sizes and bezel perfectly inlaid dial in smooth lines is selected by a fine inlaid diamonds graded to create a sense of movement and abstract art beauty.

 Louis Vuitton top jewelry ACTE V Series II – THE ESCAPE watches

       The use of different colors on the dial is a bold, uninhibited, full of art.

Modelli in acciaio inox blu notte quadrante – ELITE 6150 Zenith

pure and restrained watch behind the design is rich and unique details, filling Zenith deep and superb professional skills – based real men to build the Zenith when Elite 6150 Slim wrist watch , no modification fan Li, always reveals moments of pure moving. Under extreme simplicity, timeless elegant appearance but bears the brand of professional and cutting-edge watchmaking skills: independent design and manufacture of the latest generation of the movement , with at least four days of super power reserve.

Watch extraordinary lineage origin, it has no shortage of classic modern atmosphere, brand and a long tradition linking bond between the futuristic vision when called Zenith. This series is now added a new touch of color charm, ELITE 6150 midnight blue face plate stainless steel models, in order to face the new interpretation of retro gentleman demeanor.

Midnight Blue style of writing a legend

New watch dial design followed the elite Elite series, and elegant lines highlight when the Zenith brand followed the era of elegance. 42 mm diameter disk of midnight blue, willow-shaped pointer slim flowing, over the deep blue dial. Not a digital disk, a sense of relief tick marks concise handsome bar, creating the effect of a three-dimensional illusion of. With the same shades of blue alligator strap with rubber lining, together with the plug pin buckle, showing a low-key and reserved temperament retro gentleman between their hands, passing the meticulous philosophy of life.

Each one midnight blue dial is decorated with polished sunray, bring a unique sense of light effects, sparkling Guanghua delicate bloom. In order to create the ideal unique blue tone, skillful masters after dozens of procedures, and make precise control throughout the electroplating coloring process, ensure that the voltage is maintained at the correct level, dial in the plating bath immersion plating bath and the length of time suitable distance between the original, to ensure that every one has emerged right blue dial. In the land of sun blessing, midnight blue dial adding a bit quieter bright colors and delicate, it is most fitting wrist between gentleman demeanor comment.

Placid surging intrinsic properties

The Elite 6150 with stainless steel material, ultra-thin case presents unique pebble shape, with recessed crown. Case waterproof to a depth of up to 50 meters, smooth curves and lugs complement ergonomic design, perfectly fit the wrist. Flip watch, sapphire crystal glass will form the back accentuates precision mechanical devices. While Zenith completely customize the development and manufacturing of the new Elite 6150 movement, through decorated with “Côtes de Genève” oscillating weight automatic winding, called for getting at the root of the essence. In 1994 he launched the famous Elite movement, once won “Best movement” crown Zenith.

Original models Elite movement today is still considered one of the market’s most accurate and reliable movement, but in order to meet today’s needs, started in Le Locle (Le Locle) of Zenith watch factory in the original paragraph on further movement improvement and excellence in terms of performance and versatility. The new movement is increased to 30 mm diameter, double barrel design and central seconds hand, ensure that you have more than 100 hours long power reserve, thereby significantly improve the swing movement, accuracy and reliability. Elite 6150 slim extraordinary movement, although the movement upgraded by the 195 components, but has retained the original thickness of 3.92 mm. When the hour, minute and central seconds at 28,800 oscillations / hour movement driven by accurate travel – as retro gentleman pies, placid surface, but inside surging endless.

Who can not buy a table to follow suit 2016 Basel highest attention to the new Rolex watch

[ Watch home watch Recommended] hurried pace of time, another half a year gone. 2016 Basel advanced clock watch exhibition although it has become past tense, but many new products launched during this period remains a staple hot discussion, edited according to the official home of the background data watch the statistics of the most watch lovers concerned about the three Rolex watch for the reference of the order form.

NO.1    Rolex Air King watch series 116900-71200

2016 Rolex watches a major feature is only re-forming of the King Air type watch, this watch was a frequent wars during the last century, Rolex specially designed and manufactured for pilots, there are many other models in the same period watch, and today only the Air-King of the models. Watch this new release, the major changes is that on the one hand size increases to 40 mm, more in line with modern wrist size hand movement by top certified chronometer.

Basic information
Watches Model: 116900-71200
watch series: King Air Series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch Strap: 904L stainless steel
Reference Price: HK $ 48000
watch Comments: Rolex air King new type watch case diameter of 40 mm, to build steel 904L, Oyster case rugged, waterproof to a depth of 100 Metres. Uniquely shaped middle case with piece of solid 904L steel casting, difficult to corrosion. Winding crown with patented waterproof Twill double lock system, firmly fastened to the case, the mirror places blue crystal manufacture, easy to scratch. Black dial highly personalized, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position marked King Arabic numerals, minute scale conspicuous prominent, so that sailing can clearly read. The words “Air-King” on the dial, the watch is designed font used in the 1950’s designed for the original models. 3131 equipped with internal self-winding mechanical movement, movement with automatic winding assembly, dominated by the constant pendulum Tuo spring on the chain, its power reserve of approximately 48 hours.

NO.2     Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series 116500LN-78590 watch

The new Daytona series uses a black ceramic outer ring, this is not the first use of a ceramic outer race in the Rolex Daytona, but is the first time in Daytona in steel section. And it had agreed that a new paragraph Daytona steel still retains the black disk and two white dial, not to add more color.

Basic information
Watches Model: 116500LN-78590
watch collection: Cosmograph Daytona Series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch Strap: 904L stainless steel
Reference Price: HK $ 95,000
watch Comments: Rolex the new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch uses 904L steel material to build with developed by Rolex and patented black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring, the latest high-tech design and extraordinary aesthetic melting pot, this black adhering to the outer ring 1965 black resin bezel design. Winding crown with Rolex patent Triplock triple waterproofing system, and timing buttons, securely fastened to the case, and subject to the protection of the crown shoulder pad, shoulder pad and middle crown case integration. 4130 equipped with internal self-winding mechanical movement, the movement cohesion Rolex watchmaking craftsmanship, greatly streamlining the number of timer component, so that the movement is more reliable, can provide 72-hour power reserve to watch.

NO.3     Rolex Datejust series 126333-62613 watch

Last year, a comprehensive upgrade Rolex 3155 movement, release 3255 movement with a lot of improvements and new patented technology, but with the upgrade, as well as 3135 movement (upgraded to 3235), was used only in the few high-end log type table among models. This year, Rolex officially Introducing the 3235 movement, and used in the new Datejust watch among the 41, bring a qualitative leap.

Basic information
Watches Model: 126333-62613
watch series: Datejust Series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case material: stainless steel / 18k gold
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch Strap: stainless steel / 18k Gold
Reference Price: No
watch Comments: The new Datejust 41 In addition to this gold watch steel models, but also have style magic roses, in addition to a variety of dial to choose. Oyster case to ensure waterproof 100 meters, is the sturdy elegance and perfect proportions of the model. Middle unique case shape, in one piece of solid 904L steel casting. Gold dial highlights the elegance of luxury watches, add a small window at 3 o’clock lens, easy to read calendar. Equipped with internal self-produced by Rolex Caliber 3235, While this movement has 14 patents in precision, power reserve, shock-proof, anti-magnetic, wear comfortable and reliable in all aspects are very good, the perfect showcase Rolex superb technology, can provide watch offers 70-hour power reserve.

Summary: The above three watch is far the highest attention of the table, each have a unique style, and occupies a pivotal position in the Rolex family, but also the symbol of high quality. If you start with the recent Rolex plan, consider these styles.

H. MOSER & CIE. Release Yong Chong’s three-pin blue lightning concept watch

H. Moser & Cie. And its signature watch dial one, launched by junior Yong Chong-pin blue lightning concept watch , rose gold and platinum were used materials are with sky blue fumé dial. The watch wonderful interpretation of the essence of minimalist – “not simple”, proving once again that simply being often contains amazing expressive and unexpected influence.

By Yong Chong’s three-pin blue lightning concept watch, H. Moser & Cie. Presented a return to simplicity and the true philosophy. On atmospheric sky blue fumé dial, but not any time scale and brand identity, really only shows the most essential elements of timepieces, clean and smooth, no redundancy. Hazy sun pattern design using rendering techniques, to see more light between the delicate beauty of the fantastic, like a Renaissance painter’s canvas.

.. By the time the count return the most basic functions, H Moser & Cie refocus on what is the real luxury of the issue, in response to a demand for a hard indisputable: the desire to return to the basic function, pure and pure desire.

The Yong Chong who watch case with rose gold and platinum two material options, all with sky blue fumé dial. This extraordinary watch with the strap through the most rigorous of carefully selected to ensure that it’s as simple as fine elegant, exudes elusive charm. Rose gold models with a brown alligator strap weaving, while platinum handmade models with greater kudu mill dough strap.

Simple but not simple, reflecting the rich connotation ……

Technical characteristics – Yong Chong’s three-pin blue lightning concept watch 

No. 1343-0209, white gold, sky blue fumé dial, hand-sewn greater kudu mill dough strap
No. 1343-0108, rose gold, sky blue fumé dial, brown alligator strap weaving
18K rose gold or platinum, three-piece
Diameter: 40.8 mm
Thickness: 10.9 mm
Transparent sapphire crystal back cover
Decorated with sun pattern sky blue fumé dial
Independent design and manufacture of manual winding movement HMC 343
Diameter: 34.0 mm
Thickness: 5.8 mm
Frequency: 18,000 oscillations / hour
Stop seconds
Double barrel
All balance wheel and pinion gear teeth are made of Moser
Interchangeable Moser escapement
Original Manchester Raman springs (Straumann Hairspring®), with a stable Breguet balance spring
Gold escapement wheel and escapement fork
Movements and components are hand polished and decorative
Hours and minutes
Central seconds
Side movement power reserve indicator
Handmade greater kudu mill dough strap or brown crocodile leather strap weave
18K rose or white gold insert pin buckle, engraved mark Moser

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P

Patek Philippe new table can be said that a blockbuster, except that section 5370 pairs of second Duang most of 5524 and the tallest on the chronograph watch, there is a new table must be mentioned, it is known as 5250 and 5960 two-in-one 5905P. Here let us look at whether this table can replace two predecessors.

The new 5905P Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph, black and deep blue two options, since 5960 will be discontinued in the near future, so this has become a table after only one you can buy suits automatic Chronograph, while it is relatively simple timing disk I personally think that 5960 is more than the easy way out.

This table uses 42 mm platinum case , case all the formal symmetry lines, echoing the case clear design features. Lugs slightly curved, rounded profile link table ring table side, seamless. Start / stop button, line the outer edge of the crown and reset buttons along the side of the balance sheet arc arranged in order. For platinum Patek Philippe has a special significance, because Patek Philippe of each platinum watch will be between six o’clock position lugs set with a flawless Top Wesselton diamonds.

Platinum watch the production process of shell-consuming effort, such as debris removal, grinding, polishing sandpaper progressively mirror grinding and other steps, all people need to be done manually, after several rounds of rigorous examination, so each costing nearly two case when required weeks before produced.

Similarly rounded polished lugs extending from the side of the case over the natural curvature of the groove. The outer edge of the dial chronograph hand scale, the inner range wide, can accommodate gold hour markers and calendar, week, month, three display windows. Where at 12 o’clock in the day in the largest display window, and insert it in the frame of platinum, six minutes time position sixty seconds calculator, the cumulative chronograph seconds camouflage is in place, if you do not see two button chronograph you thought it was the 5205 moon phase functionality into a small second hand. It was small dot at the bottom of the day and night display.

This table is equipped with the CH 28-520 QA 24H movement , Patek Philippe is completely self-developed automatic vertical clutch chronograph movement. Not only exquisite design, which is also a first class handmade craft. Most stainless steel parts are chamfered, the surface is decorated with straight grain pattern; two seconds after needle clamp is polished. With Sapphire crystal, shiny gloss around each other, under the golden tone and ruby bearings against the backdrop of a full CLS Chaumet and demonstrates the extraordinary Patek Philippe watchmaking. The finishing process also subject to strict supervision Patek Philippe mark, when the daily travel time error shall not exceed -3 / + 2 seconds.

Bright black hand-stitched alligator strap with rectangular scales, the Patek Philippe requirements alligator strap high, with only a small piece of skin Mississippi alligators on the inside of the stomach before they can be employed make strap. Platinum Patek Philippe logo of the folding clasp.

Summary: This table can be said to mark the launch of the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph latest development process, Patek Philippe use creativity and consummate skill will slightly adjust the details, moisten things silently to the essence of the 5960 and 5205 two fusion table together, at first glance, this table is an ordinary calendar table, but you just have to watch this over and fine structure of complex movements let you instantly suffocated in this world I am afraid it can only Patek Philippe so low-key luxury play capability.

Lange Saxonia Thin watch 37 mm and 40 mm section shall officially listed

Lange launched Saxonia Thin watch further enrich Saxonia series. The wrist watch continuation slim simple, elegant traditional features, is Saxony sophisticated system of watch brand Lange far the most thin work.

First appeared five years later, this simple and elegant double pointer watch dial section on details of the adjustment, full of today’s Saxonia style. On behalf of a relative paragraph, this watch is solid 18K gold bar hour markers slight growth, and more close to the bezel. Re-polish silver white dial with solid silver casting, layout harmony, balance has caused.

On January 2016 Geneva Salon International Haute Horlogerie, Lange launched a new Saxonia Thin watch. This watch is available in 18K rose gold and 18K white gold for selection, case diameter of 37 mm or 40 mm, is now officially listed.

Two models are equipped with L093.1 type manual winding movement , the movement is only 2.9 millimeters thick, but the complete show a high level of Lange parts modification. The detachment Lange watch classic design elements, German silver 3/4 plywood and hand-carved, such as untreated balance cock are finely polished and decorated, highlighting Lange strive to perfect the spirit.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watches

Founded in 1875, Swiss Audemars Piguet already has a long history, with its superb artistry and creativity in conventional Pioneer advanced system table and write the next chapter in the immortal realm page, create many extraordinary masterpiece. 2016, Audemars Piguet to break the traditional thinking, independent spirit and virtuosity to create a series of gold watches to make luxury watches return to this classic gold material, bring a dash of color to the development of advanced watchmaking. Watch today for everyone to bring home a gold diamond Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch blue dial, the official model: 67651BA.ZZ.1261BA.02.

The elegant Grand Tasting Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch gold diamond blue plate

Gold is not only a symbol of wealth and power, while the precious metal materials, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak gold watch with gold as the primary material, with blue tones of the dial, so watch exudes elegant noble brilliance, and if the sun as natural symbol the indestructible beauty and energy.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak gold watch 67651BA.ZZ.1261BA.02

This watch body to luxury and crafted 18k gold set with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds on its bezel polygon, a total weight of about 0.73 kt. In the case equipped with a high performance quartz movement , use simple style timing and position the pointer on the blue dial with date display and features. Watch with an exquisite excellent gold bracelet . Whole wristwatch distinguished and elegant.

Easy to grasp hexagonal crown

18k gold watch side placed a crown crafted hexagonal, polygonal design makes it easier to grasp, which will help adjust the function. Crown top Audemars Piguet logo engraved with the letters “AP”, exquisite craftsmanship crown highlight the brand in the details.

18k gold to create the strap with a folding clasp

The 18k gold bracelet crafted fine regular links, link after careful sanding, showing a beautiful texture, install a strap folding clasp. Gold table with not only the case and harmonization, and luxury honorable, noble watches highlight the taste.

Very texture of the 18k gold case

The watch case diameter of 33 mm and a thickness of 7 mm. Workmanship is very fine. Gold case has been carefully designed and showing a polygonal shape, the polygon bezel and case secretly consistency; bezel with hexagonal screw bolt fixed on the case, and exquisite inlaid diamond bright.

Elegant and charming blue dial, the pointer on center hours, three o’clock and date display

The dial is elegant and charming blue tones, the engraved “Grande Tapisserie” large Plaid decorated with gold fluorescent hour markers and Royal Oak hands, large hands and hour markers make reading more clear and simple. Three o’clock position on the dial date display window to Arabic numerals.

Bent-shaped lugs to ensure a more fitting wrist watch worn

Watch list as one ear lugs, and between two small strap with a metal chain link chain link, metal chain links with screw bolt fixed to the case lugs at. Watch lugs were bent at the state can guarantee when wearing wrist watches and more fit.

Exquisite folding clasp

Folding clasp in 18k gold to create the same, and strap connection harmony, words imprinted on “AP”. Folding clasp closure is simple, easy to wear and easy to open their own, beautiful and strong.

Royal Oak has the English name of the closed end of the table

Watch table at the end of the closed end of the table, with six screw bolts fixed to the case, engraved with the Royal Oak English name “Royal Oak” marks on the bottom of the table. Case Interior Interior equipped with a quartz movement.

Summary: Audemars Piguet launched the stunning Royal Oak in 1972, this series interpretation of the brand’s unique style. Watch case finely polished, refined texture highlights the metal texture, golden light luxury and exquisite diamond bezel at the glittering brilliance, using blue tones on the dial and the watch adds an elegant, equipped with superior quartz movement classic charming.